To Everyone Reading this<3

Well, We all have problems in our life, We all are facing some problems in life which we sometimes are not able to share to anyone.

Being a Human, We all must be kind to everyone, even our enemies, because everyone, everywhere , is fighting for something and suffering and surviving✌👼



Chase Such Women’s || BeingShe

The only woman worth chasing is the one who believes in you, who motivates you, who lifts you, who makes sure that you don’t feel low, who helps you in building your empire, who understands the value of time, who pushes you forward to achieve your dreams, who loves you in your worst condition, who doesn’t let you cry alone, who stays with you when world is against you, who becomes part of your failure & helps you in coming out of it & becomes part of your success, who doesn’t compare you with other guys, who finds you the most amazing guy, who respects your parents & believes in living with them.

No matter how such women look, I find them most adorable ❤

What About You?


Definition Of Success💋||BeingShe

Can You Guess? Who is the definition of success For me?

None other then👇


She is Truly an Inspiration👌

🔹अभिमान तब आता है जब हमेलगता है हमने कुछ काम किया है और,सम्मान तब मिलता है जब दुनिया को लगता है,कि आप ने कुछ काम किया है ।💓👌

🔹The strongest people aren’t always the people who win, but the people who don’t give up when they lose.💓