Life lesson #4

A time will come when everyone will demotivate you, the one’s who stood for you when you succeed , will leave when you will start failing.

Don’t give up at that time, make yourself more strong, because you can’t succeed in everything you do, you will have to

“fail to shine more and rise more.”


Life lesson #3

Sometimes everything goes wrong, nothing fall at right place or it doesn’t goes well as you thought.

So many people suggest you to wait for the miracle to be happen soon, but NO you just don’t need to wait, you need to act that’s the perfect time for you to make something happen that you want.

Make your Pain Your way to Gain.


Life lesson #2 

Individually, we have a life too, but no one understands that.

People are ready to blame you for your mistakes, for your failure.

Why can’t they understand that at the end of the day, it’s our life, our mistakes and our failure, what will they get from it?

So, you never can make them understand that.

What you have to do is, make yourself understand first.

Life will be more beautiful.


Life lesson #1❤

Some people in life cant be replaced, but this cant be is never sure because our life is not permanent, then how can we even think of a person being permanent.

Every people part of your life is temporary, they are just for a while, for care , for support, for love, for friendship and forsake of you.

They have a role in your life, they come and they go, whats left behind is a life long lesson, thats the reason of me always saying that these people around are your teachers for little little time span.

You just need to understand that, and dont feel bad, if someone left you, because no one in life can be more important to you, then yourself.

Dont be addicted to someone, dont make someone oxygen for your life, that your own oxygen becomes poisonous to you.

But yes just love and respect them by the time they are in your life.