Girls! Lets Laugh Loud

I remember a incident Of Few years back, 

And I wanna share It With You All ❤

I have a habit of laughing so much :P.

So Once I was Out With My Family, whole Family, and someone cracked a joke and I laughed so badly, Then Some one there said that ,


“लड्की हो लड्की  के जैसे हॅसो बाहर लोग देखें गे तो कया कहेगें, दांत निकाल के हॅसना जरूरी हे हर जगह।”

Now,What You must be expecting,I did, after she said this?

I laughed more badly and I run From there.

Well, I can’t even smile without showing my teeth,How could I stop laughing without that?

And I look so bad “जब में खुल के नही हॅसती”.

Message is : Don’t do what others want you to do, Do what You love.

And Real is much more beautiful then Fake 🙂

And being Girl, I don’t think its my responsibility to be fake all the time (only because , people around me wanna see me doing Fake things)



‘Moral Science’ ???

Do You All Remember A Subject “Moral Science” ❤

Hope You All Remember “MS” as A Subject.

Well, If All Would have taken it seriously, Then People would be much much better.

And the one who took it so seriously, You are enjoying reading her blogs and appreciating 😉

Moral Science as a subject, we all have been offered in our school days, 

they were not just pages to ignore, it was something, which would have been printed in your mind as other subjects.

But what actually students use to do, I have seen it clearly.

Sharing my experience over this subject, when I use to be in school.

  • First of all, There was a period for this subject and teacher would come, tell us to read some lines and just Go.

  • Sometimes, other teachers would take this period for their subjects.

Well I was not at a point in my life, where I could raise a question like this, because There was no one that time who thought like me, and I knew that, if I share it, Students would laugh.

(But today, I am Free/Confident and I don’t care what others think of me,Reading this).

  • Okay,Now another Part is Exam of that Particular Subject, All Were Sure they will write anything and fill pages and surely get marks more then expectation.

No one ever took ‘Moral Science’ So seriously.

If they Would have taken it seriously,Frankly Speaking, World would have been a better place to live ❤

Because it teaches us what’s good ? What’s bad? What’s wrong? What’s right?

Well, Just a message, If you are reading this, and If You are in Your ‘School Period’ then go take the book out and read it ❤ (Its not a waste) and others who didn’t took it seriously, Go Find the book and read and share it with everyone<3

#BeingMotivated #KeepAllUpdated 



All About Equality<3

Hii Everyone!

Hope You all Are Good And Doing Good.

So, I am Here Today , To shout and Say That I am Not A Feminist.

Stop Calling me That :/

Yesterday a good friend of Mine, Said ‘Tu Puri Feminist Ho Gae Hai’ :/

Well Frankly speaking If You Read My Blogs Till Date, Then You Will Find Stuffs, Everything Related To Everytopic,Not Only Women’s.

 And Yes I would Like to Clear One More Thing, My Blog ‘BEINGSHEBLOG’ Is Not about Just Women’s Its About ‘Me’/’My Thoughts’ /’My Experiences’/ ‘Everything Whats Goes Inside Me and My Mind’ 

|’Women On Top’ Says : 

Being a human We all want to be on Top, So i am a ‘Women’ and I too wanna be on Top<3.|

I am not a ‘Feminist’ but I always think regrading equality in respect to women’s, because People Think that women’s are weak, but its not so, We Women’s don’t demand for something more then anyone else in society, We Just Want Equality 🙂 

There’s a Double Face of Everything 

FIRST thing, Today we are getting a proper law based society for women’s to a extent ,For Their ‘Right place’.It is being misused by the one’s who are not even deprived of anything, and the one who actually need Doesn’t get anything.

Our Society, Today Is Like,

  • Dowry is crime, But one who is actually going through this, Is still suffering, and some women’s somewhere make a false accusation on their in laws(This is so wrong, I came through many news regarding this, This makes me think, Should i be a feminist? For Such women’s? And Then i think what about other’s who actually face this? If someone didnt stood up for them,what will happen to them then?)

  • Then Comes ‘Rape’, This is the worst thing happening in this world, but lets talk, Nowadays, some women’s even play with this too (ridiculous) They use this as a weapon for taking revenge/money from Men’s,What to say further,They dont even think that they play with those women’s who actually Suffered :/Well Should i be feminist? If yes,then what if,i stood for a wrong women, If No, Then, What if, A Women who suffered Left Without justice?
  • Women’s nowadays have started Separating their husband from their Parents. So should i be a feminist for such women’s? What about men’s in this case? (Well,recent law by government stating that if a women separates a son from his parent’s, Then that will be a crime, I founded it so cool! 🙂 )

Well Women’s are not always the Victim,Its about everyone, Who is suffering must be Free from his/her Pain, Which can happen through Equality💜

So, i dont wanna be ‘Feminist’ I am a ‘Human’ And I Want Equality For each one of Us.💝

Well, Its A Women or a men, all should be treated equal, Because

“If Women’s are Architecture of our Society then a Men Is the society Itself”



Do You Use Snapchat?||BeingShe


Now lets talk about snapchat:)

Well I am addicted to this app ,i started it few months back, and i loved it so much(Well Picture says it all)😜


My Point is : We are becoming Animal Nowadays Because of Snapchat.

Well animals are so lovely Creature of this world more then Human being.


For example:

If a human does anything wrong,People always say “Are Janwar hai kya”.

Well Why? 

Because today for everyone Animal is Same like that women in society who is being tortured but Doesnt utter a single word,she is in pain but she cant speak to anyone.

Animal’s are so lovely ,Perfect ,infact Definition Of Perfection, they cant speak but make everyone understand what they need, wht they want.

You Wanna be inspired by someone?

Okay Then Get inspired by Animals First , They live a life full of struggle. 

Have you ever seen any animal Giving up?

No.Never 😸

Well the Point is ,You love those Filters of Animals on Snapchat but not animal’s why?

You try those filters becoming Dog,Cat etc etc. But have You Never Treat a animal as a human being why?

Okay. Now go and have a Pet , And love them, 

Ummmm… I am Going to have two tortoise and a white mice.(will share pic soon).

With Love : beingshe💓💋

If you wanna connect on snapchat , Drop your Snapchat id in the comment box below 🙂


Thank You || BeingShe

Well,Its been 5 month i started Blogging, and sharing my Thoughts, ThankYou To each one for Following me and Sending Your Love Through Comments, means alot 👌💓

I never thought that people would like , share , comment , and View my blog but its happening and i am so happy about it 🙂


Will keep doing and Spreading Love All around 🙂 ( Coz i am best in that)

And much love for the one’s who email me and try to contact and share their thoughts 🙂


Love You All💟




      ~Dusro ko itta bhi pyaar mat kro

         ki khud ko pyaar krna bhul jao

    💟This Valentine I am also in Love💟

            I am in love with The Sun🌞

                           The moon🌛

              The Day And The Night 🌃

     And most importantly Myself🙌

 Start Loving Yourself. 

Love your Outer Beauty, Inner beauty Because everything About You is so Beautiful💋

Start Enjoying your Own Company.😍

Happy Valentines Day💋

P.S : I am so much in love with me, I pamper myself a lot.
I Love ME🙌

  • Still, like every girl I too dream of A Guy, Prince Charming, Coming on white horse,Proposing me, Arranging a grand date for me, Respecting me, my parents, standing with me and For me,
  • lets see what happens, But I wish that every Girl gets the right guy who make their life shine, and more beautiful. 



Go Green💚||Beingshe 

  • Planting tree is so important, Not only for environment but for you too. 

  • I always Go In Favour of Nature, because I Get Favours From Nature❤️

P.S :In Picture 👇

He is my Dad, Inspiration For me, I follow his path💚

  • And i want you all to Do the same, For Sake of environment, for fresh air, For Green environment💚✌️
  • Go Green, Make Your environment Green, It looks so Good💚
  • And Yes A Video On Instagram : beingshe Do watch❤️

Girls Come Forward and Help Yourself, No one will Come.||Beingshe❤️

Well You All Be must Aware Of The #Bengaluru Incident.😑

I’m deeply pained by the #Bengaluru Incident.

Situation is Getting worse And dat too For us! 😑

I saw the videos On YouTube. It’s Disgusting, Well, Seriously Speaking,If I would have been there, I would have Killed Them, It’s not that I am just writing it, Yes I can Do It.✋

People standing there, No one Step Forward, I will not say that if your mother and sister would be there, you would have done Blunder, Because No, You would have done Nothing.#shame🙅

And I wanna Say One Thing : ~ Ya Toh Insaan Bano Ya toh Doob maro~😑

You need to do this girls Yourself. 

  • You Have To Walk alone, Don’t expect people to come and Help You. 
  • Be Your Own Saviour and How You better know that? 
  • Go for Martial Art Training, Karate, Learn Those stuffs and When a man touches you without your permission Kill Him. 
  • Show everyone, That ~Ladkia Jab Khudpe aati Hai Toh Aasman ko bhi niche laa Sakai Hai~
  • And Yes a message to every  girl,  even if you Find  a girl facing such problem go help her, I know it’s her life, her problems but You need to stand now,because Women’s are Sign Of Unity and Love❤️

Hum ek dusre ke kaam nhi Aaenge toh kaun aaeaga.❤️
Share It and Make each women Strong❤️

Thank You For reading. 



A Message-Drive Safely🚗 || Beingshe 

Once again welcome to my blog, 
❤️This is a strong message For ~Safety Of Life~❤️

People now a days are so fond of bikes and cars.😎 

Dats Not Bad, 

Advancement in technologies and so much development has given relief to our foots. 

But Everything comes with consequences, Which one has to take care of. 

You might ignore this, but this is not okay.

Now a days what I find when I go out, People run Bike and cars like They might bring Cyclone.😑

Anyone passing by me this way, I am like This is disgusting. Okay, I don’t know him, don’t know the person where he belong from, it’s just about ~A precious thing that’s called Life ~ And Your exploiting it. 

Being A Human I don’t want you to do that that’s it. ❤️

It’s like, 

This life which we are still surviving, Many don’t get, people are dying of natural disasters, poverty, Health issues etc and You all waste your life on Such stupid things.😯

Just a message for the one’s who drives carefree and the one’s who drives rashly,(There are many reasons for this : Alcohol, Drugs taken by youth giving them A different sense of living a life and etc) 

Don’t Drive So fast that even life hits you hard.

 I can understand biking and All is Nowadays becoming a passion For  people but at the end of the day it’s all about life, which has to be taken care of, 

The Air You are breathing is not gifted to everyone😶

Well, I will not take it so long,

Drive safely, For your sake and prevent Unwanted Deaths from happening☺️👍

Take care. 

Enjoy Your New year,Two days left❤️



Being Santa❤️ ||Merry Christmas ||Beingshe 

Be Your Own Santa❤️

And Also Be a Santa To The One’s Who Needs You❤️

Santa is nothing but just a saying that we believe brings happiness to us. 

Can’t we do this all year long about different things coming our way believing that it is bringing happiness in our lives just by making positive outlooks at situations we face.

Christmas is the best example to this THINK, BELIEVE And ACHIEVE.❤️

We think about Santa, we believe in him and then we achieve what we expect that is ultimately a source of happiness for us.

That’s just an imagination that results in happiness. 

Why not to last things like these for years long and be happy forever.

And also start your each day by speaking positivity in your life.

Making positive lookouts will make the situations better and will surely help you for leading the happiest life one can ever live.

Merry Christmas🎀

I wish You All Success And Lots of Happiness Ahead❤️

# SpreadHappiness 



P.s – Last Night a Convo with a Strong Pessimist made me wrote this.❤️