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I still remember I used to say that I will never wear saree and suits but I will have to wear only because I have to hide my scars because mom use to say that my so-called husband respect is my respect.

If I say this to anyone

will society accept me? 

or they will put all blame on me, i guess no one will understand me.

Don’t know how long will I have to bear the pain but I am your strong daughter.

(A letter in her diary which she never send to her father.)


She is a woman among all of us who thinks being strong is suffering the pain by keeping her mouth shut. It’s not always that she has been taught but few times we don’t raise our voice only because we think will society accept our voice, what about our parent’s reputation? 
But remember one thing, its your life, at the end of the day it’s your loss. life is precious, enjoy living rather than suffering in pain.

NO to Domestic Violence.

You are responsible for yourself.❤

First, stand for yourself and then give us a chance to stand for you.


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​I still remember that day,

When I wanted something and I didn’t get that (and yes I am talking about a dream or you can say a goal) and next what happened was more worst.

People around me use to expect from me alot, but suddenly they changed their view about me. I was called perfect but they started calling me a loser.

They started seeing me as a person I wasn’t.

They started feeling pity for me.

They started thinking, I have a bad fate.

I saw the real faces of people around me when I failed.

I heard words, which were exactly opposite of the words they use to call me. They use to call me best and suddenly I became the worst.

I heard people talking behind my back, that what will she do now, will she be able to achieve anything in her life, but I don’t think so she will be able to because if she failed in this how will she be doing anything great in her life.

I was like okay, seriously I wanted to stop them there itself at that moment. But I couldn’t.

Maybe I considered myself a loser too.

I still remember that day, I was crying so badly and there was no one to stop me because doors were closed maybe I would have done something wrong. Maybe I would have cut my wrist but you know what stopped me?

My inner voice.❤

I met the real me that day exactly I met myself.

She told me that you are important. Your dreams Goals expectations and failure are incomplete without you. You are not bound to them, they are bound to you. If you die today, those goals can be accomplished by anyone but if you live maybe you will accomplish it in a more better way that no one could have ever imagine.

That day made me what i am today.

A strong person now.❤

Even you would have gone through such day and see yourself you are standing strong now.✌

So don’t cry over your bad past and keep smiling ❤



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I still remember that day, when I and dad were walking in our garden enjoying our coffee and suddenly my dad said, “you know naa you are my princess?” “And i love you so much,” I said obviously dad no doubt. 

He said okay i wanna say something, i said please say.

See beta, you are my princess, but i don’t want you to be weak, i want you to be strong and brave just like that Superwoman in a movie. I know it was just a movie but i want you to play that character in your real life movie. I know life is so hard, but i don’t want you to cry over little things because your tears are precious. I feel weak when i see you crying over your failure or even because of my expectations.

Yes i am saying you take my expectations lightly i don’t want you to feel like that you are carrying a heavy burden on your shoulder just be free and fly like a bird.💗

I am there to hold you whenever you will fall. Remember beta, always stand for right, raise your voice against injustice.

Never allow anyone to rule on your heart and mind. 

Love people but when that love starts destroying you it’s not love so just stop there itself.

Believe in two things and follow two things that are “Insaaniyat and Imaandari”.

I know you will not be able to do everything at right time sometimes you may fail, learn from your failure and again when the same situation arises fight back. Don’t repeat your mistake. I don’t want you to be perfect because few flaws must be there to work on that will make you a better person. So, i will make you work in the kitchen too, you will have to do work like your mom and be like her too, i will pamper you but i ll never allow you to be weak and sensitive.

And I love you the most.



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Image📍-Ajanta, Maharashtra.

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Being second never satisfy us why? 

Because we think to be first in everything we do is a sign that we are doing great and we are doing wonders.

Strange?🙄 Let’s be practical because whenever I talk about such things people call me a loser, they say be practical its important to be on top.

Okay so let’s be practical here.

What about Humanity? You don’t care even if you are last, why? 

Yes maybe because humanity won’t serve you money or fame but happiness for sure.

But again let’s be practical what we will do with happiness, money is more important. 

Isn’t it?


Morrie says, “Money is not a substitute for tenderness, and power is not a substitute for tenderness. I can tell you, as I’m sitting here dying, when you most need it, neither money nor power will give you the feeling you’re looking for, no matter how much of them you have.”❤(Tuesdaywithmorrie)

There is a difference between being practical and talking nonsense. Its not about at what position you are its about your dream, your goals, your happiness.💘

I don’t think so you too dream of being on top, you must be dreaming that you make your dream breathe at least.
Coz frankly saying,

“Maybe you want your work to be perfect I want mine to be finished.”❤


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Image Source – Priyanshu Singh

Are You Breathing Properly?

Are you breathing properly or just innhaling and exhaling air to survive?

Obviously, you have a perfect answer according to you, you prefer saying “Yes I  am breathing properly because I am inhaling and exhaling air properly.” (Biological Concept, A fact I am not denying)

Next question.

Are you worth living?


You must be thinking this girl is so weird, asking such weird questions


If you think my questions are weird then you took my Questions wrong way.

Let me try to make you understand. 

Who said breathing is just inhalation and exhalation?

This life of yours is very precious and important?
Haven’t you heard? 

According to our Puranas and Bhagavad Gita, we need to undergo a lot of lives to attain a human form.

Lord Krishna had told Arjuna that our soul has to pass through 84,00,00,00 species in order to get a human body to live. 

Such a long path to be walked on to become a Human.

Don’t you think after so much of struggle, Breathing just for survival is wrong? 

Then what’s the right way?

According to me, 

Breathing for survival with satisfaction and happiness is the proper way and must be your priority.💛

What we do today. 

We are so much into people whether it’s a friend or a girlfriend or a boyfriend. We get so much involved in them that we forget ourself.

Isn’t this wrong?

I m not saying that spreading love is wrong, but even you are important.

Your existence is important.

Nothing is permanent in this world except few things which include your Parents and God.💝

Everything else is temporary, whether it’s friendship, love, everything fades with time.

Don’t  you have experienced that?

If not then you will experience soon afterall its life. 

Life is never so easy.


If a yes then you must be sitting in a corner of your room and crying for the person who left you, who broke your heart, and also due to advancement in technology, you must have kept loads and loads of memories in your laptop, phone etc. 

Keep it I won’t say to flush it. 

Also, keep the good memories in your heart, but don’t allow these memories to fade you, fade that brightness of your face making it look depressed and sad.

I am not saying you will look ugly, 

I am just saying focus on yourself.

Don’t have any hatred for a person who broke your heart, who disappointed you, who left. 

In the end, nothing matters, it’s just YOU, but the thing is People take a long time to reach a conclusion that “Yes I am important, I have to breathe for myself.”

Just take a deep breathe and say ‘by the time I m breathing properly, everything will fall into right place even if today things are at wrong place.’

He or she did wrong to you, you must not repeat it because there exists a difference between a human and an inhuman. 

Second is, 

You are failing, you are disappointing people around you, it’s okay. 

Just work on yourself continuously don’t stop ever, the one who stops here, the next goal is always suicide, so keep working.

Let them speak ill about you, let them make fun of you, enjoy the jokes, laugh with them saying “yes I am a loser”.

It’s okay and then just focus and one day you will shout and say ‘yes I made it.’ 

The crowd will be there this time too clapping and shouting in favor of you, 

let them enjoy this too.🤘

Now, what’s the proper way of Breathing?

A Smile.

Don’t think too much, overthinking kills.

Keeping your body healthy.

Do what gives you Satisfaction.

Love Yourself.

Spread love and Happiness.

These are few ways to breathe properly. 

Exhaling and inhaling is just a process. 

Tell me, what’s the use of this process, if you are broken inside, if you are sleeping taking pills if you are hurt, if you are depressed if you are not eating properly if you are not enjoying if you are wasting your hours crying. What’s the use of this process?

Now the question comes,

If you are just surviving then,

Are you worth living?

Somewhere someone due to lack of that process dies but he wanna live more, explore more, enjoy more. 

What are you doing to your life gifted by your parents and God?

Exploiting? Isn’t it?

Then are you worth living?

Think once. 

Think of a person, who just died because of the earthquake, he ran to save his life but he couldn’t.

What are you running from and where you wanna go, nor any building is falling on you, neither an accident, not even a dreadful disease.

what’s hurting you then?

A person, failure, unaccomplished goals. 

These are the things which make you a better person, they come to break you, only to make you stronger but what you extract is just negativity.

Remember “Everything happens for a reason.”

You are not the only one who suffers, remember this always.

Life is not a competition.

And if you think its a Competition.

Then, Breathing properly, according to my definition, is your first achievement.

The medals are Patience, self-love, A healthy immune system, a glowing face, maturity, “I won’t quit” attitude, and most importantly satisfaction.

So now you must have understood my point.

Are you breathing properly?

If not, 

Are you worth living?

Think once and if a No then, correct yourself. If a Yes then, you are on a right track.🤘

Have a Great year ahead.

Happy New Year 2018✌💕

Stay blessed.💫

I love you all.

Don’t forget to love yourself this year and Respect Everyone.💟

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Whether u have a Maruti or a BMW, the road remains the same. Whether u have travel economy class or business,ur destination doesn’t change. 

Whether u have a titan or rolex, the time is the same. Whether u have apple, Samsung or intex, people who call u remains the same.

There is nothing wrong in dreaming a luxurious life. What needs to be taken care of is to not let the need become ur greed. Because needs can always be met, but greed can never be fulfilled.💝

Short lines with a million dollar meaning –

“The life that you are living now, is also a dream of millions.”✌

Learn to love yourself, relationships, work, and other commitments need to take second place until you are happy within your own mind.💫

We know that GOD doesn’t require us to Be the Best.

He just wants us to Do our Best.

and HE will take care of the rest.💝

Happy memories of 2017 and a great journey ahead in 2018.💣


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TWO HEARTS CAN BE ONE. â¤ď¸â¤ď¸

Breaking a Heart is easy but loving a Heart always becomes tough , the reason is we prefer easy things over tough one’s.

Love is Pure. Love is Loyalty. Love is respecting each other. Love is taking decisions together. Love is caring and when we do this way when we are actually in love.❤️

Its not hard we make it hard or may be the situations but in both the cases its we who are at fault. When we fall for someone(falling for someone is feeling for someone ) , we don’t have to fall physically, we don’t have to loose our self-respect but at the same time remember don’t let the other person loose her self respect too, don’t let her fall too.♥️

I have seen love being always blamed, why to blame love? We have made a definition of love in our mind and we act according to it but love is meaningless and at the same time it has no definition because when two Hearts meet there is no definition to love. If you are in search of definition then you will surely be lost , instead of that search for a true partner who is as good at keeping a heart healthy as u are.❤️

What are we today?

A empty glass or a filled Glass, no doubt we are filled glass with loads of attitude, ego , over confidence.

Whereas love needs a person to be empty, empty but with time love and her lovable partner fill their glasses with unbreakable promises , memories, trust and most important love.❤️

We need to think for a refill. Refill in the form of love can be the best and beautiful thing in this world.

I have seen my Parents (touchwood) with no differences, with no confusion and Hatred. I have seen them struggling in life but as if those struggles were to make them understand each other more better way because they never give up , may be this is the power of being together, being in love, ruling together. 

Love is beautiful. 

And remember, as it was written, to love another person is to see the face of God.”— Les Miserables 

I wish that someone so lovely comes in your life and actually fill your glass with what you deserve. 

Because We all deserve love.♥️
I would love to welcome a exception here and that is in between all this , few people exist who believe in self love, who believe that they are self sufficient and nothing is wrong in that. They have a filled glass but not exactly  with ego, attitude because Self love is important , if you cant love yourself how can you even think of loving someone else.

Let them love themselves by the time a person knock their door with few flowers, chocolate and his heart and propose her this way ” I love you I want your Heart to rule together with mine, is your Heart ready?”♥️

And thank you for reading and appreciating rest of my writeups ,it means alot. 

I love you all.♥️

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Are you?

I have seen people struggling through their pain.

And when I ask them to calm down and forget everything they are like, “It’s not easy”, “It hurts”.

I know it hurts and at the same time it’s not easy. But holding that pain for extreme longer time is so stupid thing to do.👎

You are not the only one who suffers, may be you are experiencing something which for you is “Main Course” but for some of us it was just a “starter.” Don’t say to me now that I am comparing your Pain. It’s necessary to do this.🌹

YOU know what you must do one thing, It can be a way to get free from your pain.🤔

Start comparing your pain, in less time you will understand, ‘I was so stupid, crying over something, which was just a part of life, it came just to make me realize the importance of pain, importance of ups and downs in life’. 

Life would be boring with the same phase again and again, isn’t it? 

Now please don’t say that “it’s easy to say but hard to suffer.”

Well that’s true it’s easy to say and write but it’s so hard to suffer, but you know what, thinking this way has made us so weak that we think that it’s okay to cry over our pain, it’s okay to cry for a month or for a year because you have accepted that you have to suffer. Is this good for you? 

You waste your precious time, your precious life on something which left you broken, which left you shattered, which left you in Pain, I know pain is important but for how long, the question is this? 

You don’t have to take it along with you for a longer time, it’s not good. Everything has its limit, same should be applied on Pain too. 

You are broken, you are shattered, you want to cry, you don’t wanna eat, you don’t wanna go out, you are sad, you are depressed, but for how long? Will all this satisfy your pain? 

No, it won’t,  it will increase your pain, your pain might burst, and that make you so stressed that you choose to die, it’s wrong, completely wrong. 

You have to accept what comes your way with a smile, you can be sad for a minute or hour or even a day but not more than that, go check outside this world is suffering much more than what you are suffering today. It’s okay, it’s fine. 

Wipe your tears, smile, take a deep breath and start again, a fresh start ❤️

I know you won’t disappoint yourself. I know you will fight everything coming your way, you are strong and next time when ‘Pain’ knocks at your door, welcome it with a smile, let it stay with you for a day or few hours (if you can manage) and send it back with a bye bye. 

Love your pain but don’t hold it for longer time. 🌈

-Diksha Suman.


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|Hey all, after 5 months I am writing a particular blog, nowadays I am giving time in writing quotes and POEMS, you can check on the link, at the end of this blog, now you should scroll down and read, and find some positive vibe after so long time, on @beingsheblog |

“Much needed was PEACE,

Everything turned into disaster.

Before I understand what’s PEACE,

Life hit harder and made me realised what’s Disaster.”

I still remember my childhood, it was so PEACEFUL and its not a thing to forget, but it begin to lost somewhere in growing up.
with time, everything faded,

Everything means everything, you know what, what’s still remains is HOPE,
Hoping for a better future, which is not under my control.

Hoping for a better life, which only God knows, ( You want me to make it better, well I tried and still trying).

Hoping for better people around, who understands me.

Hoping for all Dreams to come true.

Hoping for SUCCESS.

Its 3.20 A.M, when I am writing this, you can imagine, how hard life is, it awakes me even in between of sleep just to make me realise, YES YOU ARE LOST AND EVERYTHING IS LOST.

Just then I realise.

I am enough strong and LIFE has made me enough stronger, that I know , I need to survive, through all this at any cost.

I don’t wanna fail at LIFE at least.

Well, it happens with each one of us, what we think , we never become, as if life is enemy. People say that you get what your fate decides, should I sit and wait.?

Whenever I feel disappointed or a looser sort of feel, I just come across one line by these stupid humans, “Everything happens for a REASON”, wait for it you will get much more better things than you want,

I am like ohh really man,

LIFE should understand what I want, what’s my wish.

After all its my LIFE.

Why should I wait for something better, when I am thinking for better things in life, if i am satisfied and happy with my things my wants, then why LIFE wants to give me more better things?

But no, stupid of me questioning LIFE,

will it speak?

No never it won’t speak, it just gives SHOCK.

I tell you about myself, I always had dream of a simple beautiful life, exploring nature it’s beauty, being FULL OF LIFE.

but opposite happened, everything got complicated, and I was left DULL.
In between all this, I found that I AM LOST, in tragedy’s of LIFE.

Then i realised,

I should not loose HOPE, by the time I am breathing, I am gonna work on it, I know thing are lost, I am lost, but then you cant just sit and wait for miracle to happen, Go find a new you and start fresh.

Talking about me, I need a new ME, desperately.

Talking about you, What if you are LOST,

are you seating and waiting for a MIRACLE?

I don’t think after reading this you will still be on that chair,


Find a new YOU.

I am telling, you will love it.


Till then smile, and make others smile too.


With love : beingsheblog

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A Letter to Mom <3


Dear Mom,
Firstly, I love you so much, You are Inspiration mom, I used to Love Dad the most, ignoring everyone around, but soon I realised, after Daddy’s, the most precious gift one get from God is Mom to everyone,Well I love You Both ❤

I realised it, at a point in my life when I was in wrong direction, and my problems and mistakes were so terrible that, if I would have shared it with Daddy, He would have hated me and killed me, but You helped me out with my all problems, and gave me lessons of life,
which at that particular time was needed.

I am sorry mumma, if I have hurt you ever.

We fight alot but at the end of day, we can’t eat, sleep and gossip without each other. 

I know mumma, You suffered a lot, You always do best to everyone, but you never get back something good, but I promise you I will soon make everything Good For You, and I won’t spare if someone’s Hurt you.

I promise, I will always be with you, and make you proud.

The thing which I want to Get inherited from you to me is your helping nature and simplicity, I am trying my best to be up to that.

And mumma I know that I have some bad habits but please don’t think that your ‘sanskaars’ are failing because, what you teach me is always in my heart and mind, sometimes I make mistake but will never disappoint you.

Happy mother’s day mommy, you are love ❤
With Love : Diksha

( I am so late, actually I was busy in making this day more special for mumma, surprises and Gifts, I have gifted a Gionee Phone to her, she is also 4G now, she loves playing games and scrolling down Facebook news feed 😛 )

Well, Happy mother’s Day to every Mumma’s, all are special ❤