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Breaking a Heart is easy but loving a Heart always becomes tough , the reason is we prefer easy things over tough one’s.

Love is Pure. Love is Loyalty. Love is respecting each other. Love is taking decisions together. Love is caring and when we do this way when we are actually in love.❤️

Its not hard we make it hard or may be the situations but in both the cases its we who are at fault. When we fall for someone(falling for someone is feeling for someone ) , we don’t have to fall physically, we don’t have to loose our self-respect but at the same time remember don’t let the other person loose her self respect too, don’t let her fall too.♥️

I have seen love being always blamed, why to blame love? We have made a definition of love in our mind and we act according to it but love is meaningless and at the same time it has no definition because when two Hearts meet there is no definition to love. If you are in search of definition then you will surely be lost , instead of that search for a true partner who is as good at keeping a heart healthy as u are.❤️

What are we today?

A empty glass or a filled Glass, no doubt we are filled glass with loads of attitude, ego , over confidence.

Whereas love needs a person to be empty, empty but with time love and her lovable partner fill their glasses with unbreakable promises , memories, trust and most important love.❤️

We need to think for a refill. Refill in the form of love can be the best and beautiful thing in this world.

I have seen my Parents (touchwood) with no differences, with no confusion and Hatred. I have seen them struggling in life but as if those struggles were to make them understand each other more better way because they never give up , may be this is the power of being together, being in love, ruling together. 

Love is beautiful. 

And remember, as it was written, to love another person is to see the face of God.”— Les Miserables 

I wish that someone so lovely comes in your life and actually fill your glass with what you deserve. 

Because We all deserve love.♥️
I would love to welcome a exception here and that is in between all this , few people exist who believe in self love, who believe that they are self sufficient and nothing is wrong in that. They have a filled glass but not exactly  with ego, attitude because Self love is important , if you cant love yourself how can you even think of loving someone else.

Let them love themselves by the time a person knock their door with few flowers, chocolate and his heart and propose her this way ” I love you I want your Heart to rule together with mine, is your Heart ready?”♥️

And thank you for reading and appreciating rest of my writeups ,it means alot. 

I love you all.♥️

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Are you?

I have seen people struggling through their pain.

And when I ask them to calm down and forget everything they are like, “It’s not easy”, “It hurts”.

I know it hurts and at the same time it’s not easy. But holding that pain for extreme longer time is so stupid thing to do.👎

You are not the only one who suffers, may be you are experiencing something which for you is “Main Course” but for some of us it was just a “starter.” Don’t say to me now that I am comparing your Pain. It’s necessary to do this.🌹

YOU know what you must do one thing, It can be a way to get free from your pain.🤔

Start comparing your pain, in less time you will understand, ‘I was so stupid, crying over something, which was just a part of life, it came just to make me realize the importance of pain, importance of ups and downs in life’. 

Life would be boring with the same phase again and again, isn’t it? 

Now please don’t say that “it’s easy to say but hard to suffer.”

Well that’s true it’s easy to say and write but it’s so hard to suffer, but you know what, thinking this way has made us so weak that we think that it’s okay to cry over our pain, it’s okay to cry for a month or for a year because you have accepted that you have to suffer. Is this good for you? 

You waste your precious time, your precious life on something which left you broken, which left you shattered, which left you in Pain, I know pain is important but for how long, the question is this? 

You don’t have to take it along with you for a longer time, it’s not good. Everything has its limit, same should be applied on Pain too. 

You are broken, you are shattered, you want to cry, you don’t wanna eat, you don’t wanna go out, you are sad, you are depressed, but for how long? Will all this satisfy your pain? 

No, it won’t,  it will increase your pain, your pain might burst, and that make you so stressed that you choose to die, it’s wrong, completely wrong. 

You have to accept what comes your way with a smile, you can be sad for a minute or hour or even a day but not more than that, go check outside this world is suffering much more than what you are suffering today. It’s okay, it’s fine. 

Wipe your tears, smile, take a deep breath and start again, a fresh start ❤️

I know you won’t disappoint yourself. I know you will fight everything coming your way, you are strong and next time when ‘Pain’ knocks at your door, welcome it with a smile, let it stay with you for a day or few hours (if you can manage) and send it back with a bye bye. 

Love your pain but don’t hold it for longer time. 🌈

-Diksha Suman.


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|Hey all, after 5 months I am writing a particular blog, nowadays I am giving time in writing quotes and POEMS, you can check on the link, at the end of this blog, now you should scroll down and read, and find some positive vibe after so long time, on @beingsheblog |

“Much needed was PEACE,

Everything turned into disaster.

Before I understand what’s PEACE,

Life hit harder and made me realised what’s Disaster.”

I still remember my childhood, it was so PEACEFUL and its not a thing to forget, but it begin to lost somewhere in growing up.
with time, everything faded,

Everything means everything, you know what, what’s still remains is HOPE,
Hoping for a better future, which is not under my control.

Hoping for a better life, which only God knows, ( You want me to make it better, well I tried and still trying).

Hoping for better people around, who understands me.

Hoping for all Dreams to come true.

Hoping for SUCCESS.

Its 3.20 A.M, when I am writing this, you can imagine, how hard life is, it awakes me even in between of sleep just to make me realise, YES YOU ARE LOST AND EVERYTHING IS LOST.

Just then I realise.

I am enough strong and LIFE has made me enough stronger, that I know , I need to survive, through all this at any cost.

I don’t wanna fail at LIFE at least.

Well, it happens with each one of us, what we think , we never become, as if life is enemy. People say that you get what your fate decides, should I sit and wait.?

Whenever I feel disappointed or a looser sort of feel, I just come across one line by these stupid humans, “Everything happens for a REASON”, wait for it you will get much more better things than you want,

I am like ohh really man,

LIFE should understand what I want, what’s my wish.

After all its my LIFE.

Why should I wait for something better, when I am thinking for better things in life, if i am satisfied and happy with my things my wants, then why LIFE wants to give me more better things?

But no, stupid of me questioning LIFE,

will it speak?

No never it won’t speak, it just gives SHOCK.

I tell you about myself, I always had dream of a simple beautiful life, exploring nature it’s beauty, being FULL OF LIFE.

but opposite happened, everything got complicated, and I was left DULL.
In between all this, I found that I AM LOST, in tragedy’s of LIFE.

Then i realised,

I should not loose HOPE, by the time I am breathing, I am gonna work on it, I know thing are lost, I am lost, but then you cant just sit and wait for miracle to happen, Go find a new you and start fresh.

Talking about me, I need a new ME, desperately.

Talking about you, What if you are LOST,

are you seating and waiting for a MIRACLE?

I don’t think after reading this you will still be on that chair,


Find a new YOU.

I am telling, you will love it.


Till then smile, and make others smile too.


With love : beingsheblog

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A Letter to Mom <3

Dear Mom,
Firstly, I love you so much, You are Inspiration mom, I used to Love Dad the most, ignoring everyone around, but soon I realised, after Daddy’s, the most precious gift one get from God is Mom to everyone,Well I love You Both ❤

I realised it, at a point in my life when I was in wrong direction, and my problems and mistakes were so terrible that, if I would have shared it with Daddy, He would have hated me and killed me, but You helped me out with my all problems, and gave me lessons of life,
which at that particular time was needed.

I am sorry mumma, if I have hurt you ever.

We fight alot but at the end of day, we can’t eat, sleep and gossip without each other. 

I know mumma, You suffered a lot, You always do best to everyone, but you never get back something good, but I promise you I will soon make everything Good For You, and I won’t spare if someone’s Hurt you.

I promise, I will always be with you, and make you proud.

The thing which I want to Get inherited from you to me is your helping nature and simplicity, I am trying my best to be up to that.

And mumma I know that I have some bad habits but please don’t think that your ‘sanskaars’ are failing because, what you teach me is always in my heart and mind, sometimes I make mistake but will never disappoint you.

Happy mother’s day mommy, you are love ❤
With Love : Diksha

( I am so late, actually I was busy in making this day more special for mumma, surprises and Gifts, I have gifted a Gionee Phone to her, she is also 4G now, she loves playing games and scrolling down Facebook news feed 😛 )

Well, Happy mother’s Day to every Mumma’s, all are special ❤


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‘NIRBHAYA’ – Defining a Strong Women <3

A Brutal Incident Which Brought tremours in Mind and Heart Of Each Person on This Earth, was ‘Nirbhaya’s Rape’, She Died but What was Left behind was ‘Justice To Her’ Which Is served few days back.

I am Going to Write today, Only For Her, This is Dedicated To Her ‘Bravery’ , Her ‘Strength’ and Totally about a Women Who Taught Us Something and Gave a Definition To a word, ‘Women’ Itself, Which we Never Understood, but now we are understanding and Growing, All because of her 🙂

I still remember that Date ’16/12/12′ 😦

17/12/12, I was In Lucknow, not with my family but with Friends Preparing For Exam, I use to Live in Hostel, I was not aware about this, Because, I use to surf less Internet and No Tv / Newspapers were allowed, but a Good friend of mine, She Told me Something which left me Shattered and It was so worst, listening to What Happened actually with Her, made me realised, Does Humanity Exist? If it would have exist, then this would not happen 😦 I was not able to sleep whole night, Even Parents were not around, But my friend Sugandha, actually Her Presence was sufficient to make me feel Little Light  We Both Slept Thinking about Her, 

How would have she taken that pain, How would have she Felt, Her Body And that Pain, How would have she tolerated it? 

I went Home,after few days And My Parents were so sad of that incident, Mom  even Dont allow me to go out even in Light, She was so affected by the incident, whole nation was affected,Whole nation came forward for her, Protesting.Those Days, Just passed sitting in Front of TV, knowing who did that cruel thing? Why they did? Is Nirbhaya Okay? Is her Friend who supported till end is okay? Days Passed and The Rapist were Arrested, Police Played a great Role Here, First Time All Were Together For ‘NIRBHAYA’ Even, ‘Nirbhaya’ Didn’t Gave Up, She Gave Statement about what exact happened with Her. She was Brave, But as those six Rapist has done hell to her, she couldn’t survived, She died.

What exactly was done to her,
The paramedical student and her friend, after watching Life of Pi at a cinema hall in south Delhi’s Saket, reached Munirka Bus Stand at 9 pm.They could not find any public transport to return home from there. So both of them boarded a chartered bus after its conductor talked them into it.

As the bus reached the flyover near the airport, three boys came out of the driver’s cabin. Two of them started abusing the woman’s friend and asked him where he was taking her late in the evening.

One of them hit the victim’s friend who tried fighting back. Soon, two other boys joined in beating him with iron rods lying in the bus.

As the victim came forward to save her friend, two of the assailants pushed her to the back seat.

In their brutal act, the convicts damaged her internal organs using an iron rod

The assailants also robbed both the victims.

The assailants then tried to throw both the victims out of the moving bus from its rear door but since it could not open, they brought them in the front and pushed them out of the moving bus on National Highway 8 near Mahipalpur flyover. Both victims were later spotted by the passersby who informed the police.

The passersby also brought sheets to cover them. They were then rushed to Safdarjung Hospital.

She died a painful death in a hospital in Singapore 13 days after she was brutally attacked and gang-raped, on 29/12/12.

It took long time but finally Justice Served to her, SC gives death sentence to those 4 rapist, among 6 , One Attempted Suicide In Jail, and One Under Juvenile Justice act was free after two years, inspite of doing something which you can’t expect from a 16 year boy, he Inserted Rod and pulled it out so badly, that her Intestine came out, he must also be hanged to Death,but law and regulations doesn’t allow us to do that.

But I Pray He dies a Painful death, with even more pain, that she suffered.

Nirbhaya Before Death said, that her rapist must not be only hanged but also should set on Fire.

Well in my opinion too,Her Rapist must not be only hanged but should be Cut into pieces and Should be Given To Dogs, even Dog would say No, But this should be done to them.

If we would be allowed we would kill them in that particular bus, with that Particular rod beating them.

NIRBHAYA’ You Taught us what bravery is, and what women strength can do.

A salute to ‘Nirbhaya’ To Her Parents who stood for her,The Cops who took this matter so seriously and worked for ‘JUSTICE TO NIRBHAYA’.

‘Nirbhaya’ You are a Role Model, For all those women’s who loose hope, when something worst happens with them, When Someone tortures them
, You died but You are still alive in our Heart and We just not remember you for The pain you suffered but also For the Bravery and strength, You Showed.

People let’s Come Together,

Nirbhaya Got Justice but not other women’s who went through the same. Why? When we can stand and fight for her then why not we stand for doing something, that prevent rape from happening.

Why Still women’s are raped?

No one can answer, but yes you can Protect a women if you find her alone, not only your women but other women’s too.
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Let’s Talk About Discrimination.||Beingshe❤

Hey everyone, hope you all are good and doing good, and that too with everyone💝

Taking You to reality today, which is followed by everyone. 

(except the one’s who  are real human in this not so real world).

(it might get long, but do read it once) 

  • Discrimination? 

Caste / color / religion/ Gender 

You do follow it naa? 

(खुद के दिल से पूछो।) 

Well today nothing is okay in our society.

Because of these discrimination sort-of things. 

But still you do it proudly,as if you are God. 

And you tag black/dull colour as evil one, lower caste as devil one, and Other religion as animals ( Well animal because you treat animal that way too, *anyway love animals*❤) 

Can I ask why? 

Does God told you that ‘ see man I am sending you with black / lower caste and other religion human’ s, you are special they are useless, do remember this and make them feel worse.’ 😑

Well I don’t think so, talking about everyone, we all are beautiful creature in this beautiful world made by God.💝

And You know talking about Colors black, brown, white, aren’t they beautiful? 

When you go choosing a dress /heels/shoes /etc why you go with black then, when you have problem with black people?Around You. 

Then You will say, That’s another thing. 

But I wanna say, that’s the thing which has to be changed👍

I heard people saying black is a colour man, actually defining me bold, real, confident. 


If It’s true then a human with black or dull complexion how can he /she be bad looking and why they are not treated equally? 

  • Achievements has no color. 
  • Struggle has no color. 
  • Failure has no color. 
  • Success has no color. 

Franky speaking Friends, I own a color between brown and White, I never faced any such discrimination like this, but I have seen many. 

I wanna say if you are black/dull, Be confident with What you have (Bas Thoda melanin Jyada ho gya, ye toh socho you got more, because I always ask for more pizza and I never get more of it😂) 

 The people  Discriminating, Must have a Heart Made of Stone and Must be blind irrespective of Having those two beautiful eyes. 😠

Caste? Does God made caste? 


You made. Yes you. 

Frankly speaking, caste was made and people got divided. 

Discrimination on that basis was worst during those days, Lower caste people life was not less then an animal suffering on road for shelter /food etc.

You don’t know the Pain, until n unless you suffer that.

(I didn’t suffered, but I can feel the pain because I am a human being) 

Reservation was boon for them gifted by Baba bheem Rao ambedkar. (A Great man, most educated, and a true human) 

Today you talk about reservation and laugh and even insult lower caste people for gaining that. Why? 

Are you afraid? Or you can’t digest that how such humans are living peacefully? 


If you never understand, then I am sorry, you don’t deserve to be a human being… 

See man. 

It’s as simple as that, you made caste and started discrimination, now instead of removing caste discrimination , you want to remove reservation. 


Basically you have problem with lower caste people. H naa?

Then stop talking about bringing equality.

You are expecting from a lower caste person to actually compete with you with same level. 

Then why you made caste, why you made them suffer earlier, why didn’t they were allowed for education, and everything that you got? Why? 

Can you answer? 

  • If yes then (Do Drop your comment in box below) 
  • If no then, You might have understood what I am trying to say. 

Now you are talking about levels? 

Saying that scenario has changed now lower caste people are getting a good position in society. 

Okay that’s true. 

But how? It’s because of only one thing that’s reservation. Nor you would have made them suffered more. 

You want reservation to end okay, I also want that, but Yes Let’s attack on root of reservation, that’s caste. Remove caste based discrimination, reservation will ultimately vanished. 

And Talent has no reservation. 

You talk like That every general candidate is a engineer or a doctor they never failed.? 

It’s about Everyone. 

Don’t judge Anyone, Everyone emerges as a winner one day, Everyone is hero of their own life. 

Well you are still with 50-60% what if lower caste starts demanding more % of reservation, Government is always with weaker section coz they have to rule. So what will happen, think, think once? 

(Ise lie Kisi bhi cheez ko Jadd se htao) 

And if you Are like No, How can I mix up with these lower caste people, then they are sorry because If you are calling him ‘neech jaat’  ‘tab toh Reservation unka haq hai’. 

This was totally my view, I just want this world to be a better place to live, so that we all cherish life together💝👍

*(Well, I know there are many such who want to bring equality rather then focusing on removing reservation. I am with you all.)* 

Seriously I don’t know when it started, how it started, why it started? 

I know what I see, I know what my Parents Told me. 

Talking about religion discrimination now, 

I don’t know why people do such stupid sort of things, They have divided religion, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian and Proudly say That Their God is actually real and Best. 

For me There is only one GOD, Who has Four Faces, So how can you Compete on that basis,  like (Mera Bhagwan Sahi hai, Khi Mera Allah Sahi hai, Jesus was Real, Waahe Guru Hi Sab Kuch hai.)

What to say on such things. 

  • I have never Done this (Jaha Jati hun chahe mandir ho, masjid ho, Church ho ya Gurudwara Har jagah sir jhuka leti hun)

*Tum toh unke saamne sir uncha Kar ke insaano ke saath glat krte*

Galat Kaun? Tum ya Mae? 

Actually, Sab ko sabse dikkt hai. 

We have come so far that, I don’t know where it will end, And People won’t change Until n unless Their heart and mind changes, Change is necessary, Don’t think about others, start with You. 

If you talk about equality and respect for women’s today(well only talk) Start respecting Everyone irrespective of caste, color, religions, and Gender. 

You know one thing, lack of unity, lack of Connections, Are responsible for Crimes in INDIA, You don’t go to help anyone Because till date, You Are only busy in Your religion, your color, your gender, your caste, and actually it’s all about you Because You won’t help even those who are of your caste, your color, your religion, your Gender. 

People You all were selfish and now are becoming more selfish. 

I just want you to think once, Changes might happen if we come together, We will surely rock and Make our life worth living. 

Well our generation today Follows one more discrimination, brand new discrimination, will share it in next post Along with Racism in Africa and other countries. 
I took it so long,  anyway thanks for reading, and stay strong, healthy and keep shining. 

I love you all💝😘


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❤️A Year Changes Everything❤️||Beingshe✌️

Welcoming You On The Very First Day Of 2017 On My Blog :

◾Well, 365/365 Done with all pages of life for a year, each page has some realisation, moments, memories, Friends, enemies, dreams, experiences, Your Tears, Your Smiles❤️

◽Well, You Changed, You Survived😊

🔹With Love Wishing You All A Very Happy New Year 2o17, And A Successful and Fruitful Year Ahead❤️

Well, I don’t know from where To start But I will not make this long,

🔹I am a big Dreamer, My Dreams are everything to  me, it’s just that Till date I haven’t achieved everything, But I am Trying My level Best And will keep trying till my last heartbeat❤️

🔸You know I never Crave For success. It’s like when I am trying then even success has to bend down , Your know what bothers me a lot, Is Getting a Looser Tag. 

🔹People don’t understand that The person who is trying still trying never call him a looser Tag Failure But Never a looser, loosers are the one’s who don’t try✊

🔸I just wanna say one thing if you blame a person for being a failure, that’s okay but at least appreciate for trying. 

🔹And, This Year Contributed to my First step : Ever since I was thinking to Start a blog, and Spread awareness through my writing, it’s not I am a perfect writer, it’s just that people today are addicted to social media and All, and we the youth can make any change, if we start it with ourselves, And I Wrote my First Blog, On First Of October (I used to start a blog and delete it, I thought why people will read, They might think reading waste of time, and Then I thought *Mere Jaise toh hazzaron Hai, Jo Likhte Hai, Social Hai, aur changes laana chahte Hai * Then I thought, that’s there way, My way, my thought, my writing Will always be different from them, And then I started)

🔹Well it’s 3 months of my blog today❤️

🔸And now when I see that people read it, They text me, a positive comments by them, they understand what I say, I feel proud, well thank so much, it gives me so relief that someone somewhere is reading getting inspired and Motivating Others. 

🔹Well it’s just a beginning ending will be more beautiful, I Promise❤️

🔸This Year I Realised, Being Alone is so okay, because, its all about you now, you are free and not trapped. 

🔹And talking about me, I seriously get time for Motivating and inspiring You all❤️You All Are My family, Being A Human First, I strongly feel connected with every single person on this earth, yes even you, reading this😇

🔸This Year, You all became my Family (This is for lovely bloggers following me, reading my blogs and appreciating it, thank you and love you❤️) 

🔸This year going deep, I found Some social problems which are to be mentioned on my Blog, will aware You soon❤️

🔹This Year was full of Experiences, Realisation, My Blog(Beingsheblog) , Dream, Failure, Still Trying.❤️

◽A Motivational Section : Never Compare Yourself with anyone, because they show you what they choose to show you, if you thing his/her life is so okay, and mine is blunder dats not okay, because what one suffers he/she only knows, So believe in Yourself, and compare less❤️ You will definitely Rock😊✌️

🔸Better Things are Coming✌️

🔹And I just wanna say Sorry to the one’s whom I ever hurt, and thank you and love you to all, following me, My Blog, Appreciating my writing, will always write something worth reading, I promise.💐

Thank You For Reading, Beingsheblog wishing You all A Very Happy New Year❤️


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Well Said💜 || Beingshe 

I hear people saying, 


Well, किसे किसे समझाया जाए। पहले मैं सोचती थी। 

But now I have realized why to give damn to such people,

Being Girl She is not born to explain her identity, We have been given a beautiful life, same like you all. 

(My dad respects me a lot, and he is proud to have a daughter, but all are not same, and I have seen many people saying such things, which made me to write this) 

Girls if you ever find someone saying ‘Ladkia Bojh Hoti’  Just say this :


Yes ~Chalo Mae Bojh Hun ~, 

It’s not my problem it’s yours,


It’s yours bad luck not mine, 

It’s yours ~Pichle Janam Ka koi Paap (as people say, Jarur koi Paap Kiya tha beti ho gae), not my❤️👊

Just let me Breathe✌️


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Showering Happiness❤️| Eradicating Hunger| Beingshe❤️

Sometimes We Feel Like, What To Do? To make our life Worth Living. 

Adventure? Partying? Well, it depends What Your Heart Exactly wants? 

Talking about me, I remember From Childhood only, I find happiness in Helping the one’s Who Need.❤️Well it’s completely about me, and It’s not that people think my way with Few Exceptions.

Well this is One of those thing which i wanna change, Let’s talk about why I am here so soon. I am here with a piece of advice to everyone, Do if your heart allows you to do that❤️

(My Previous post ~Give It Back~, I saw many people read that, And I was blessed with many precious comments! Well Thank you, it’s just a start❤️) 

Well, Anshul Went For a small trip, he found these two girls, asking for money (and I always say to him, never give money to poors, provide them what they want) So he asked them What will you buy with the money if I give you, they said I am hungry, I will buy *barf*(ice-cream)  and *namkeen*, He said wait I will buy For You and He gave them, they were so happy and Even Ready For these beautiful clicks❤️

Anshul’s heart has very soft corner for poor one’s, he always do such things! Because His heart Makes him Do that❤️ 

This is actually ~Showering Happiness~💞

This is Just an example to show you all, What Actually You want, but You won’t do everytime☺️

It’s so cold outside, Poor one’s have no heater,no blower, even no sweaters, Provide them if you have more❤️

Second most important thing, 👇

You eat food, and sometime you eat so much , don’t do this, because it will lead to obesity, in fact I have a better option,

There are many poor people in our country,who Die of Hunger, Some sleep with empty stomach, instead of eating too much, try to fill those empty stomachs. 

~Khuda sabko sabkuch nahi deta, Tumhe agar iitta diya Hai ki Tumhe wo jyada lg raha, toh koshish karo untak pauchane ki jinhe kum ke mutabik bhi kum diya Hai, kyuki usne diya hi Tumhe dusro tak pauchane ke lie hai~❤️

~bahut khoob kisi ne kaha Hai, gareeb ko jab do niwale mil jate Hai, chehra hi khusi bta deta Hai❤️

aur Maine Toh Unhe Muskurate hue dekha hai~

~Khud ke lie ki gae dua Ek gareeb ki Khuda sune na sune lekin duaa us gareeb ki uske lie jisne usko Do pal ki roti se nawaza Hai, Khuda jarur sunta hai~❤️

People wake up, Laws and Government Can’t eradicate poverty and hunger unless u stood up, You can make a change, start at least 👍


Inspiring You, You Inspire Other and ask them to inspire more people around. 



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~Give It Back~|| Beingshe❤️

Hey everyone. 

Hope you are good and Doing good❤️

Well, People I am so busy with my exams, still I have something to share, This was important.

|This is a real incident|👇

Well, A incident  happened with me few days back, and I need to share.👇

  • It was my first exam, I went to university, I gave my exam, while returning, I Fall from the stairs And my Ankle was twisted very badly, I managed to walk By the gate, I reached there, it was paining badly, still was waiting for my driver To Come. 

  • Three boys were standing There, I ws alone and there was no one, even the watchmen, and I ws standing near entrance, People were coming and going because, it ws main market point so *chehel-pehel* Thi. 

  • I was standing there for 15 minutes exactly, and will share Wht usually happens with Girls. 
  • And that also they only understand, but as there’s a solution to every problem, here I also found a solution, Continue reading👇

Boys were like ‘Hi, hello, hello, hi’ , ‘Yaar Kuch to bolo’ , ‘Yaar Jaa Tu le aa  ‘😑


  • And as I told, my leg was paining, I ws not able to walk or even stand. 

They saw me like that and Comment came ‘Utha lun kya’ 😑

  • Then, a girl came there she looked simple and ‘Duniya se koi Mtlb nhi’  Type’ She was standing beside me. 

Then one among those three was roaming around me with cell phone showing me the cell phone For My Number😑

I understood what was happening.🙅

Instead of standing there, Listening to their comments, I thought to ‘Give it back’ 👊

I went, I said Hi, hello, hi. 

They said ‘Hi’ (After Two minutes seeing each other’s face) 😕

Then I was like Lift me Up, I said 5-6 times, even I said ‘English smjh Nhi aati kya’, I am saying ‘Utha loh Mujhe’ . They were seeing each other face. 

Then I said note my no. Take it. 

Silence Prevail😂

They Didn’t Utter A Single Word. 


I just said ‘Mae ye Nhi kahungi Ki Tmhare ghar Mae maa – behen Nhi hai’  But I ll say one thing Make them strong as I am, because Many like you are roaming around.✌️

I went from there, I felt proud. 

I gave it back, this time I didn’t took that comments home telling my friends, mom, dad, family. I have nothing to tell, because Game was over There itself.  🙌

  • See, Everyone, This is completely wrong.  No one understands,what a girl goes through. 
  • Usually it happens if we share this with anyone, They ask us to ignore.

Is Ignoring is okay? 

No, a big No. 

Being a Girl I can understand every women suffers this, but thinking like ~Chodho dhyan Nhi dete~, Let’s ignore. Is not okay. 

  • I am telling you one thing, Ignoring makes them More proud of their deed. 

Today it’s you, tomorrow Someone else, day after tomorrow someone else. 

If it comes to you, stop it there only, don’t allow them to make a chain. 

Give it back. 👍

(Well, that girl she left me there all alone, I won’t say she was bad, but she was not enough strong as I was❤️) 

❤️It’s up to you, how strong you can become.❤️

❤️If you find some one In problem Go to help, Don’t think like ~Uski problem uska sir dard~❤️

❤️I Know saying and writing is easy, doing is difficult, but as we know Girls anyway lives a difficult life, then why not taking difficulties as our strength, fight till our last breath.❤️

❤️Make yourself proud.❤️

❤️You are not born to suffer.❤️

Stay Strong, 

Give it back, to the one’s who actually need a lesson in life.❤️✋

(Dolls, you can fight, even with your legal rights ❤️) 

(Free to contact me, if something bothering you, Will inspire you! And together we can inspire this world❤️) 

Well, You must be thinking, what made me do this, 👇

My Dad =My  strength he always has supported me, he never ask me to give up on anything, he say, come on Let’s fight ❤️~