My Thought


People in INDIA, Are INDIANS only On 26 January and 15 th Of August, Rest maximum Days, 

They are Brahmins / Rajput / Lala/ Kshatriya / Sc / St .

Muslim / Christian / Hindu / Punjabi 

Poor / Middle Class / Rich


Doctor / IAS / IPS / ENGINEER (This because these professions are much respectful, and I don’t deny this , But Discrimination is on the ground of Success and Failure too, If A person is Doctor, he/she is respected, why not a Person selling Flowers on road ? )

INDIA : Symbol Of Love / care / Respect.

But Its not happening here, Its Just The Opposite.
If You Are a True INDIAN ❤ 

Then Replace evilness with Goodness, Hatred with love and You with a Human 😉

Proudly Comment below if you are a true INDIAN 🙂

My Thought

Let’s Come Together

Every INDIAN Today, Must be aware Of the #Snapchat Story, Well, I will not talk about Snapchat CEO saying INDIA a Poor Country, 
He said Poor Considering economy of country, Dat Was so stupid Of him,I don’t need To Say much about it, Many nice statements had been made by people on Social media 😛

But The thing which made me writing this was Our Unity, 

Well that surprised me a lot, I am Not saying that what you all did was wrong #uninstallsnapchat #intallsnapchatandrateit1star
Even, I did that ❤ 

What we all did proved That yes INDIANS cant digest Any wrong statement for INDIA. (Claps)

But At the same time, I think, we all are so stupid, 

Its stupid of us, standing for such Thing, When there are already more important things to be focussed on.

Talking about ‘Unity’?

If we can stand for this small thing, then why not? Those big blunders, which are Curse on society and INDIA.

The Biggest blunder is Killing Of Humanity especially a women.

 RAPE, is something which shouldn’t be digested, but still u digest those rape’s Because, ‘How can you stand for a raped women?’ ‘How will you talk about what she felt/what she went through’? ‘How will you manage to get justice?

But Yes you can, #uninstallsnapchat That’s so easy, and even you can #installandrateit1star that’s also too easy.

“You will tweet, you will post, then you all will  unite in that comment box.”

But then a girl, raped in INDIA, 

‘ Sannata kyu hai Bhai’ ?


Thing which you have to understand is, We have to unite for a right cause , because only we can change this whole scenario.

“Julm ko mitaate chalo, satya ki pukaar hai

Desh ki salaamati ka aaj hum sab pe bhaar hai”

So, If You are in for a good cause always, then do comment in the box below ❤

Till then take care, and Shine Bright ❤

Love You All!


My Thought

No Comparison<3 

Frustrated India ki beti/beta:-

I am Just Me.

I Cant be Unki beti/Unka Beta/Padosi ka baccha/ Ya Chachi ka baccha/ buaa ka bacha / Tau ji ka Bachha’s.

Lemme Do My Things, My way.

I might become an inspiration For all those Baccha’s to whom you are comparing me today.✌💝

Dont Compare Your Child With Anyone,Even I go through this alot,I am not blaming My parents neither Your, Its Society Which makes Views Regarding what we do, and Obviously, Parents wants best For you, But its not good, Comparing Your Child With anyone, Even Parents are wrong here.

Everyone is special Here, Not talking about Only an IAS / DOCTOR / ENGINEER / IPS , Also about a DANCER / MUSICIAN / WRITER / SINGER / ACTOR / PAINTER / ARTIST etc…


My Thought

Shaadi – :/

When the age of a Girl Strike 22/23/24 and so on, The First Question Which Strikes people’s mind is 

To  Girl👇

“Beta Shaadi ka kya khayaal hai” 

To Parents👇

“Bitiya ki shaadi ki age ho gae hai, ab nhi toh kb sochenge”

And i think : “Meri Chinta inhe mere parents se bhi jyada hai” *Strange*😑

Well, I personally think or i can say when people ask me to get marry/When to marry???

Well, I have no Plans but i have something to say 👇

First thing, I Have to Do the best in my life, and achieve everything i wish for,

And When I will achieve everything, And Be successful then, I wont allow my parents to give dowry to the person i marry or to the family.

And then if that person dont want to marry me, its okay,Then Tata babye!

(Firstly my dad made me study and perfect and now he has to give money for my more perfect life with my Husband/Family,Strange In that case i would prefer life with my perfect DAD only.)

Secondly, If I wont succeed Then I won’t marry anyone.

Because, I am not here to satisfy someone’s lust for money.

I am not here to detoriate my Father’s ‘Immandari ki kamai’ .

And Even i Wont take ‘What my Father’s give ‘Pyaar se’se’

 Generally, People tag dowry as ‘Are Bitiya ke Pita ne pyaar se diya h’😝

This is what i think.

No offence.🙊✌


My Thought

It’s just about Few one’s ||BeingShe

She is Muskaan, Doll she is and close to me💝

Well today the situations be like that , If You Do Something Good According to Your Perspective, Frankly Speaking,


 50% Will Make Fun Of You ,


20% People be like, ‘Who cares about all this(Hmara bhala ho bas)’ And These 20% should be included in those 50%, But Actually They Dont show what they actually are, as 50% Say and Show (Well living in a Democratic Country allowed them To “Right To Speak” .


Remaining 30% Are like yes, If he/She Can Think For a change then why not we? and they are *in*for a good cause💝(They are my favourite’s because ‘Unhe na khud ki pdi aur naa toh kya society sochegi uski pdi hai’)👌

Well When i will be up for a good cause, I want those 30% always besides me💝

(Drop a comment below,If you are in those 30% one’s)


My Thought

#6 || BeingShe

According to me, 

Government and Politician Shows what’s Getting Good Not what’s Getting Worst.😯🙅


Elections are Going On And Each representative Today are like I did this,I did that,and Blah..They ask For votes, Saying i will do best , but what they do is exactly Opposite .


Talking about me , i dont support any political party except Modi Ji as a person, 

I dont know what he is actually A Boon For India Or A Bomb

But For Me I Think He is doing Good and a Good Heart He has👌


India can be a developed country only if People with Good Heart Runs the Nation,With Purely For Nation Not for Filling their Pockets🙅

(5 saal hum jeb bharte hai , 5 saal tum)😒

I am not blaming anyone but today all these parties instead of Making Fun of each other if Works Together , India would be On Top💟👌


Well Vote For the one whom you find actually right but nothing will change “Kuch naa hone wala in sab se”😑


My Thought

#5(#againstcorruption) ||Beingshe 

Two Things happens in society. 

Lemme take you to those two things, many of you must have noticed it happening around you. Do leave a comment below👍

Talking about corruption, 

1. The one who are corrupt and getting more and more corrupt on Daily basis. 


2. The one who is Loyal to his work, ‘Imaandar’ suffers a lot on daily basis. 

The corrupt one they don’t digest that, if I am doing wrong for money, why can’t he,

 ‘Bahut imaandari chadhi hai, utarta hu’

 and seriously he make him so suffer that he too think that why I am not corrupt?:'(

And sometimes among those good ones some are so good that never give up on their ‘Imaandari’  They Struggle a lot but never follow the path of corrupt ones. 

They are good,doing good, but what they get? 

I have come acrossed such people. 

And, I ask once a man what you get? 

He said satisfaction, ‘Mehnat Ki kamai which is never been wasted’ and i am happy. 

I ask him : you have to struggle a lot? Don’t you find people doing corrupt things are more happy. 

He said –  Yes, they live a luxurious life, but what’s happening exactly they know not I. 

I said : Don’t You Think God Favours them? Because, I heard people saying ‘Imaandari ka raasta is so tough’ 

He said : Yes, but I enjoy, at last I will be satisfied more and happy with my life then those people. 

OK, so I just wanna say. 

I heard it somewhere :

‘Paise Ki importance utni hi hai, Jitni Gaddi mae Petrol Ki Hoti Hai, Naa Usse Kum Naa Usse Jyada’ 

And in my Opinion : Award must be given to those who are loyal, Beccause they exist, in such a corrupt environment. 

But what happens? You exactly  know.