“A Man Besides me – Defining Father”

••A Man Besides me – Defining Father ••


He sits beside my darkness, saying “go away my daughter is already depressed she need something better then you”

He run before brightness, saying “come along with me,she needs you, you can enlighten her dull life”.

He talks to my pain, he says “why to disturb her, you need to be add up in someone’s life, why not me? I allow you come along with me.

He talks to my happiness, and says “please stay with her for longer time, give her my share of happiness too”.

Lastly, He comes and sit besides me saying, ‘ Done with today i am so tired , what you did Dad, which made you so tired? You would have shared with me, I would have helped you out. 

*silence prevail* 

Deep inside “I was just trying making your life easy, hope I will succeed.”

All father’s are just the same, we girls share a strong bond with our FATHER.

So wishing happy father’s day to all fathers.

Message to DAD : I love you and these lines I wrote considering you, because you are totally this, I ll do every single thing to make you proud, I promise.

Few days back, I asked people to share something about their father to this world with #PapaForLife. I got many messages but I have selected few which touched my heart, so here I go, read you will surely relate it.

Archita Chaudhary Dad you’re my super hero.You can’t fly but you always help me to fly.You fight for me to this world.Sorry dad if I ever disappointed you but dad I am your daughter and one day you’ll be really proud of me. I love you. Thankuh for being so loving, caring, and open minded dad…I love you dad and uh are my first and last love and I knw no one can love me more than you and no one can love you more than me….Our bond is strong than strongest​…#papaforlife.

Priyanshu singh  In the world with population of 7.5 billion people , one man who struggles for us , one who finds his happiness and success​ in his family , one who does job outside in extreme summer while we are relaxing in A/C at home , he is not less than our superheroes , he is our DAD.I wish all the superhero dad in this world who does this much for there family .. appy father’s day!! #papaforlife

Sakshi srivastava A guy who changed her life! A guy who trusted her when everyone was done! A guy who always treat her like a princess! A guy who can do anything for her! A guy which means world to her! A guy who fulfils all her need! A guy who is everything for her! & that guy is her #papaWords cannot express my indebtness to #papa . Papa really really thanks for giving a perfect life❤ #papaforlife😘
Sadaf fatima  To my superhero…I know you don’t expect anything from me,but i expect myself to be the best possible daughter to an amazing father like you..❤The older I become the more I have realised that a daddy like you is as rare as the dessert rose and just as beautiful as well.. Mum gave me a birth..but you made me alive Dad. When no one else believed in me..You did. From the day I open my eyes till now you have always kept my happiness and independence before everything else..You are my only inspiration baba..*”Thank you”* is such a small word in front of all those sacrifices and hardwork you did to make your Little Daughter a strong and brave women…Still.. I wanna say Thanx to you…

*Thank you* for being there with me in all up and downs..

*Thank you* for trusting me and my choices…

*Thank you*for teaching me the lessons of honesty and self respect..

*Thank you*for giving me wings to fly…

*THANK YOU FOR EVERY THING DAD – #PapaForLife. (My Favourite)    

Dominic salt – Thanks for acting like a kid when I was a kid, acting like a friend when I needed a friend, and acting like a parent when I needed one. You are the best man I know. Happy Father’s Day.






Why should i be you?

Why should i be Sun, why should i be Moon, When i am myself on my own.

“Why should i be white, when i am most comfortable in my skin type.”

Why should i be slim, why not fat, whats your problem with my weight.

“Why should i succeed, why should i not fail, Have you ever thought, what will you gain from my fate?”

Why should i be like him? Or like her? When i have better talents to be adore.

“Why should i be you, when i have better things to do.”


Its just to remind you, you are not here to be a copy of someone else, you are here with your own identity, rather on focussing to be someone else , focus on being yourself. i.e a key to happiness❤



|Fear of Being Women|™


            ~FEAR OF BEING WOMEN~

Fear of Rape when i wish to go for a drive in night.
Fear of getting married to a Guy, what if ? It would be the biggest mistake of my life.
Fear of Going Out with a guy, what if ?My Uncle/aunty/neighbours saw me with those two taunting eyes.
Fear of Failure tremours my mind, what if people takes away all my rights.
Fear of Getting Fat, makes me deprived of Delicious food, what if a boy rejects me, and what will my family do?
Fear of Dressing my style, because those devil eyes buries me inside.
Fear of posting a photo on social sites, what if someone took advantage and make hell in my life.
Fear of loving a Guy, what if he brokes my heart and keep it aside.
Fear of rejecting a boy’s proposal, what if he throw acid and makes me look horrible.
Fear of raising my voice, makes me think thrice ,what if i speak wrong, will society accept me twice?
Fear of going out in crowd, those hands trying touching me, kills me inside.
Fear of taking a Auto / bus, what if i dont reach my home first.
Fear of Laughing around people, what if they make my tongue taste bitter.

These Fears Kill me inside, what can i do, these are reality of women’s life.


Well, I wrote this, each line is self made, and its not that, whole poem relates a single women, but each line can relate to a particular women.

I know each women in society has fear of something might be among these few or something new :/

Second important thing is scenario hasn’t change, its just that, what’s improving is in front of us, and thing which is getting worst is hidden i.e each women must have atleast one fear among all these, and you cant deny that🙊

I cant say overcome your fear, because i dont know what’s happening to this world, but one thing i can say, be stronger and be ready to face all your fears.💋❤





Her First Breathe Was So Pure,As Pure as God’s Soul.

All Answer to question ‘Where God resides?’ Would Have been answered seeing in Her Eyes,

But You Choose To Close Her Eyes.

Someone Somewhere, Goes Deep in Her Eyes, 

And Found Its the place where Humanity resides.

A Real Man Was Born That Day,Who cares that anyway.

She was choosed Over People Around, And That what made her Different From Crowd.

A bond Broke all The Prejudice,
the Only bond you All Have Buried.

Who cares about the world,

When Happiness is Priority,

They Made You Aware About Reality.

Story with two heroes Just Has Started.

It didn’t belonged to you and me, Just the Two,
One was a proud father and second a proud Daughter.


| Okay, Then This is For all The Girl child and her hero, no one other then, His Daddy <3.

And Yes If This Poem Relates You, Then Share, Like, Do comment.




Why to take it long, I just wanna Say to all lovely people around reading my blog, That Iam giving a Big Space To Poetry on my blog, and even in my Heart ❤

And I will make sure, It Finds a place in your heart too 🙂

Just Remember one thing always, its all about Happiness at the end, so choose to be happy over everything ❤

Lots Of Love!