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“Sangama” – Freedom From Your Sins?

A small video on instagram :​​

​I went allahabad for some work and i decided to explore ‘Sangama’,i have heard peopme saying that,‘ sangama mae dubki lagane se saare paap mit jaate’ .

[ Okay that might be true, but i dont believe in such facts, i am a god believer but i cant go away with such facts, which are baseless, its like you do evil sorts of things and then you go and just wash away all your deed, well, why to make water impure with your bad deeds, try not doing such things, which exploits your life.]

Okay, now whats ‘Sangama’?

In Hindu tradition Triveni Sangam is the “confluence” of three rivers. Sangama is the Sanskrit word for confluence. The point of confluence is a sacred place for Hindus. A bath here is said to flush away all of one’s sins and free one from the cycle of rebirth.

One such Triveni Sangam, in Prayag (Allahabad) has two physical rivers — Ganges and Yamuna — and the invisible Saraswati River.
The rivers maintain their identity and are visibly different as they merge. While the Yamuna is deep, calm, and greenish in colour, the Ganga is shallow, forceful, and clear. The Saraswati remains hidden, but the faithful believe that she makes her presence felt underwater. 

👆This is true, i saw this happening, at a point , water color started showing variation, well allover its a beautiful place, you must visit once and must go for boating❤☺

Till then, Stay healthy, Keep yourself cool in this too hot to handle weather❤✋

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Trekking Trail In Dharamshala-‘Triund’

Have You Went To Trek Triund?

If no, Then When?

Go Book Your Packages and Enjoy ❤

Well Down To this, are Pictures Which Will surely provoke You, Going There 🙂

Trekking Triund is the crown jewel of dharamshala , situated in the laps of dhauladhar mountains, it has the perfect view of the dhauladhar mountains on one side and kangra valley on the other.

*Triund is a very popular trekking spot . Triund attracts a lot of tourist every year from India and all over the world*

I dont know about You all, But I wish to go for it once again , And Yes If You Are in love with Mountains / Nature, Then Go and Feel it ❤

You Can see This last Picture : Snow Fall Happened Midnight, And People There were Just Cherishing It, Including me ❤ And The Strong Wind was Like It will Blow us away with them ❤

 Do Plan A Visit Here 🙂

I am Giving You The Link Right Down Here, You can Book here, For Students Packages are budget-Friendly,

#TravelDiary #Dharamshala #INDIA<3

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Jain Irrigation Is a Place To Explore :)||BeingShe

  • Jain Irrigation founded by Shri. Bhavarlal Hiralal Jain.

  • Occupied with #Gandhijimuseum(I didnt visited that museum because of lack of time)but you can visit there its available with 3D Glasses too ,cost :200/Person)

Okay Best part is , This a natural place,If you love environment, Greenery all around,Then Its best place for You too visit.💝

And Here, All the biological processes, You will Come Across , Like Solar cells,Onion Dehydration Centre,Sewage plant,Tissue culture etc etc…

Address: Jain Irrigation in Jalgaon,Maharashtra.

Do Visit Once👌💝

#TravelDiary #Maharashtra

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Street Food In Bhusawal :) || BeingShe


Do you ever visited there?


Bhusawal railway division is one of the five railway division of Central Railway (India)Zone ofIndian Railways located at Bhusawal in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra state in westernIndia.

Well my Tauu ji Works there as *Commandent* ,I went there in January, And The place is actually famous for Banana (Different taste).

Well the point is here is Street Food💕

Who dont luv eating street food,People say its unhealthy,Unhygenic . Still They Go For it , Because it taste actually So good👌

I am going to share with you all, A place in bhusawal , called as , Choupaati, and famous for street food,in evening You will see so many people there, that you will believe that this food is actually healthy and has to be gone inside my stomach💝

I enjoyed those food💝

Pictures here:👇




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Have You Tried Rumali Khakra? || BeingShe

I went Shirdi For blessing of SAI BABA, That place is so religious and peaceful , i enjoyed there alot , Well Everything there was Good , I Went for dinner one day there and i came across this, This looks beautiful i know ! But taste is too yummy, Well a picture for you all,if you ever visit here Just Go to HOTEL NEW SAI MAYA and try this Rumali khakra once 💟👌


#Traveldiary #Maharashtra


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Haji Ali Dargah ||BeingShe

Have you Been here?

Okay,Lemme take you there through Pictures, but visit there once ,its not less then seven wonder’s💕


It is situated on an islet off the coast of Worliin the southern part of Mumbai💓

Miracles happen here! The way to dargah is Covered by tide during manytimes in a day , its pretty beautiful, walking in between with sea on both sides Is the best part.

And Few Glimpse of Mumbai City From Haji ali👇(For You All)💓


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