Birthday Month! <3 #24may

Birthday’s are special, isn’t it?


We Feel like, we are born once again, with a Fresh and new life, and a New Positivity Enters Life.


I personally Feel Like, all pain, all mistakes, just vanished

I was thinking to do something different,this birthday,because i am bored of those same birthday stuffs,cakes,party and meeting People.


I asked for suggestions, on Instagram(beingsheblog) ,Twitter(beingshe_dikki) and Facebook, and i got many, i ll try picking up all those good one’s and will hope for satisfaction this birthday👻If You have any,do comment below☺




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A Letter to Mom <3

Dear Mom,
Firstly, I love you so much, You are Inspiration mom, I used to Love Dad the most, ignoring everyone around, but soon I realised, after Daddy’s, the most precious gift one get from God is Mom to everyone,Well I love You Both ❤

I realised it, at a point in my life when I was in wrong direction, and my problems and mistakes were so terrible that, if I would have shared it with Daddy, He would have hated me and killed me, but You helped me out with my all problems, and gave me lessons of life,
which at that particular time was needed.

I am sorry mumma, if I have hurt you ever.

We fight alot but at the end of day, we can’t eat, sleep and gossip without each other. 

I know mumma, You suffered a lot, You always do best to everyone, but you never get back something good, but I promise you I will soon make everything Good For You, and I won’t spare if someone’s Hurt you.

I promise, I will always be with you, and make you proud.

The thing which I want to Get inherited from you to me is your helping nature and simplicity, I am trying my best to be up to that.

And mumma I know that I have some bad habits but please don’t think that your ‘sanskaars’ are failing because, what you teach me is always in my heart and mind, sometimes I make mistake but will never disappoint you.

Happy mother’s day mommy, you are love ❤
With Love : Diksha

( I am so late, actually I was busy in making this day more special for mumma, surprises and Gifts, I have gifted a Gionee Phone to her, she is also 4G now, she loves playing games and scrolling down Facebook news feed 😛 )

Well, Happy mother’s Day to every Mumma’s, all are special ❤


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‘NIRBHAYA’ – Defining a Strong Women <3

A Brutal Incident Which Brought tremours in Mind and Heart Of Each Person on This Earth, was ‘Nirbhaya’s Rape’, She Died but What was Left behind was ‘Justice To Her’ Which Is served few days back.

I am Going to Write today, Only For Her, This is Dedicated To Her ‘Bravery’ , Her ‘Strength’ and Totally about a Women Who Taught Us Something and Gave a Definition To a word, ‘Women’ Itself, Which we Never Understood, but now we are understanding and Growing, All because of her 🙂

I still remember that Date ’16/12/12′ 😦

17/12/12, I was In Lucknow, not with my family but with Friends Preparing For Exam, I use to Live in Hostel, I was not aware about this, Because, I use to surf less Internet and No Tv / Newspapers were allowed, but a Good friend of mine, She Told me Something which left me Shattered and It was so worst, listening to What Happened actually with Her, made me realised, Does Humanity Exist? If it would have exist, then this would not happen 😦 I was not able to sleep whole night, Even Parents were not around, But my friend Sugandha, actually Her Presence was sufficient to make me feel Little Light  We Both Slept Thinking about Her, 

How would have she taken that pain, How would have she Felt, Her Body And that Pain, How would have she tolerated it? 

I went Home,after few days And My Parents were so sad of that incident, Mom  even Dont allow me to go out even in Light, She was so affected by the incident, whole nation was affected,Whole nation came forward for her, Protesting.Those Days, Just passed sitting in Front of TV, knowing who did that cruel thing? Why they did? Is Nirbhaya Okay? Is her Friend who supported till end is okay? Days Passed and The Rapist were Arrested, Police Played a great Role Here, First Time All Were Together For ‘NIRBHAYA’ Even, ‘Nirbhaya’ Didn’t Gave Up, She Gave Statement about what exact happened with Her. She was Brave, But as those six Rapist has done hell to her, she couldn’t survived, She died.

What exactly was done to her,
The paramedical student and her friend, after watching Life of Pi at a cinema hall in south Delhi’s Saket, reached Munirka Bus Stand at 9 pm.They could not find any public transport to return home from there. So both of them boarded a chartered bus after its conductor talked them into it.

As the bus reached the flyover near the airport, three boys came out of the driver’s cabin. Two of them started abusing the woman’s friend and asked him where he was taking her late in the evening.

One of them hit the victim’s friend who tried fighting back. Soon, two other boys joined in beating him with iron rods lying in the bus.

As the victim came forward to save her friend, two of the assailants pushed her to the back seat.

In their brutal act, the convicts damaged her internal organs using an iron rod

The assailants also robbed both the victims.

The assailants then tried to throw both the victims out of the moving bus from its rear door but since it could not open, they brought them in the front and pushed them out of the moving bus on National Highway 8 near Mahipalpur flyover. Both victims were later spotted by the passersby who informed the police.

The passersby also brought sheets to cover them. They were then rushed to Safdarjung Hospital.

She died a painful death in a hospital in Singapore 13 days after she was brutally attacked and gang-raped, on 29/12/12.

It took long time but finally Justice Served to her, SC gives death sentence to those 4 rapist, among 6 , One Attempted Suicide In Jail, and One Under Juvenile Justice act was free after two years, inspite of doing something which you can’t expect from a 16 year boy, he Inserted Rod and pulled it out so badly, that her Intestine came out, he must also be hanged to Death,but law and regulations doesn’t allow us to do that.

But I Pray He dies a Painful death, with even more pain, that she suffered.

Nirbhaya Before Death said, that her rapist must not be only hanged but also should set on Fire.

Well in my opinion too,Her Rapist must not be only hanged but should be Cut into pieces and Should be Given To Dogs, even Dog would say No, But this should be done to them.

If we would be allowed we would kill them in that particular bus, with that Particular rod beating them.

NIRBHAYA’ You Taught us what bravery is, and what women strength can do.

A salute to ‘Nirbhaya’ To Her Parents who stood for her,The Cops who took this matter so seriously and worked for ‘JUSTICE TO NIRBHAYA’.

‘Nirbhaya’ You are a Role Model, For all those women’s who loose hope, when something worst happens with them, When Someone tortures them
, You died but You are still alive in our Heart and We just not remember you for The pain you suffered but also For the Bravery and strength, You Showed.

People let’s Come Together,

Nirbhaya Got Justice but not other women’s who went through the same. Why? When we can stand and fight for her then why not we stand for doing something, that prevent rape from happening.

Why Still women’s are raped?

No one can answer, but yes you can Protect a women if you find her alone, not only your women but other women’s too.
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My Thought


People in INDIA, Are INDIANS only On 26 January and 15 th Of August, Rest maximum Days, 

They are Brahmins / Rajput / Lala/ Kshatriya / Sc / St .

Muslim / Christian / Hindu / Punjabi 

Poor / Middle Class / Rich


Doctor / IAS / IPS / ENGINEER (This because these professions are much respectful, and I don’t deny this , But Discrimination is on the ground of Success and Failure too, If A person is Doctor, he/she is respected, why not a Person selling Flowers on road ? )

INDIA : Symbol Of Love / care / Respect.

But Its not happening here, Its Just The Opposite.
If You Are a True INDIAN ❤ 

Then Replace evilness with Goodness, Hatred with love and You with a Human 😉

Proudly Comment below if you are a true INDIAN 🙂

My Thought

Let’s Come Together

Every INDIAN Today, Must be aware Of the #Snapchat Story, Well, I will not talk about Snapchat CEO saying INDIA a Poor Country, 
He said Poor Considering economy of country, Dat Was so stupid Of him,I don’t need To Say much about it, Many nice statements had been made by people on Social media 😛

But The thing which made me writing this was Our Unity, 

Well that surprised me a lot, I am Not saying that what you all did was wrong #uninstallsnapchat #intallsnapchatandrateit1star
Even, I did that ❤ 

What we all did proved That yes INDIANS cant digest Any wrong statement for INDIA. (Claps)

But At the same time, I think, we all are so stupid, 

Its stupid of us, standing for such Thing, When there are already more important things to be focussed on.

Talking about ‘Unity’?

If we can stand for this small thing, then why not? Those big blunders, which are Curse on society and INDIA.

The Biggest blunder is Killing Of Humanity especially a women.

 RAPE, is something which shouldn’t be digested, but still u digest those rape’s Because, ‘How can you stand for a raped women?’ ‘How will you talk about what she felt/what she went through’? ‘How will you manage to get justice?

But Yes you can, #uninstallsnapchat That’s so easy, and even you can #installandrateit1star that’s also too easy.

“You will tweet, you will post, then you all will  unite in that comment box.”

But then a girl, raped in INDIA, 

‘ Sannata kyu hai Bhai’ ?


Thing which you have to understand is, We have to unite for a right cause , because only we can change this whole scenario.

“Julm ko mitaate chalo, satya ki pukaar hai

Desh ki salaamati ka aaj hum sab pe bhaar hai”

So, If You are in for a good cause always, then do comment in the box below ❤

Till then take care, and Shine Bright ❤

Love You All!



Ambedkar Jayanti _/\_

 Well, He is My Inspiration!

I always Love to Talk about Him, and Fight For Him, Whenever People Talk ‘Shit’  About Him :/

But atleast People Should appreciate His Work,

You Can Appreciate GANDHI JI AND OTHER LEADERS, but not him, Because He Did For the Weaker section on whom People Were Ruling Earlier, and Still Ruling to a extent.

My Point is Respect the one’s who made a Contribution For Better INDIA, and No one can deny, He is also a one ❤

I am Proudly saying, DR. BHEEM RAO AMBEDKAR is My Inspiration, I will Follow him till my last breath ❤

And One Thing I wanna say , He Stood Up For reservation, And You Stood Up For Caste Discrimination, Remember that, If You would have done better as a Human, Then Reservation Would be last thing to be happened in INDIA, But You Choosed yourself over everyone , And he choosed Dalits over You.

No Difference!

#AmbedkarJayanti #अंबेडकरजयंती #DalitLivesMatter #JaiBhim 

Some Lovely Quotes by Him,I am Sharing Here ❤

  • A great man is different from an eminent one in that he is ready to be the servant of the society.
  • Life should be great rather than long.
  • I like the religion that teaches liberty, equality and fraternity”




    Her First Breathe Was So Pure,As Pure as God’s Soul.

    All Answer to question ‘Where God resides?’ Would Have been answered seeing in Her Eyes,

    But You Choose To Close Her Eyes.

    Someone Somewhere, Goes Deep in Her Eyes, 

    And Found Its the place where Humanity resides.

    A Real Man Was Born That Day,Who cares that anyway.

    She was choosed Over People Around, And That what made her Different From Crowd.

    A bond Broke all The Prejudice,
    the Only bond you All Have Buried.

    Who cares about the world,

    When Happiness is Priority,

    They Made You Aware About Reality.

    Story with two heroes Just Has Started.

    It didn’t belonged to you and me, Just the Two,
    One was a proud father and second a proud Daughter.

    *DIKSHA K*

    | Okay, Then This is For all The Girl child and her hero, no one other then, His Daddy <3.

    And Yes If This Poem Relates You, Then Share, Like, Do comment.

    With Love : #BEINGSHEBLOG |


    POETRY <3

    Why to take it long, I just wanna Say to all lovely people around reading my blog, That Iam giving a Big Space To Poetry on my blog, and even in my Heart ❤

    And I will make sure, It Finds a place in your heart too 🙂

    Just Remember one thing always, its all about Happiness at the end, so choose to be happy over everything ❤

    Lots Of Love!