It’s not always that broken Heart can’t be heal, a better ending this time for each guy who have gone through this. Might be you get inspire❤😻 . .

I saw her, I felt some connection, Dont know was it love or attraction?

I used to stare her everytime, and think one day she will be mine.

Oneday, She came and ask why you stare me alot? I said, you are pretty, my eyes find peace on your lovely face. She found it sweet, and said, We can be friend’s but remember ‘Just Friends’.


We started talking, spending time together, i never showed again my feelings to her, because it was just a friendship to her.

Suddenly one day, she said i like you too, and we should now be one instead of two.

How could i say no, To such words which my ears wanted to hear from so long.

Everything was like a romantic movie, Two year, a journey from friendship to love was going pretty well . We shared our happiness our pain, and everything went so well.

I married her in my dream, and promised myself to make her mine, with proper rituals in time.


Suddenly, she began to change, and i was so fool to understand. Girls are most mysterious gift to this world, Beacuse you cant read her mind either her soul.

And so was me, Trying reading her mind. What changed her, decision to be mine.

But Suddenly, One day she left me, Saying ‘it wasnt love it was just an attraction, i found love in someone’s else heart, that i couldn’t find in yours. It was so easy for her. to leave me, saying she found love somewhere else, as if my Heart was a thing to play.


Is this was being true to a man or just replacement for a better person,which she didn’t found in me? or actually she didnt even tried?

All i can say, I walked with her in dark, she left me alone on our path. Our path were joined, But suddenly for her, it all became a waste of time. I was shattered because i didnt knew when ‘ours’ became ‘yours’.


All i wanna do is to accept a bitter truth, She didnt left me, she ditched me, she fooled my Heart. But it didnt stopped, Nor should i, I will try finding a new love in a better person eyes’s.


You don’t need to stop, Move on.




Hey all,


Today WordPress sended a message of my blog turning 1, its almost one year. I can’t believe this because *owning a blog was one of my dream, which I never thought of getting fulfilled, ‘yay I did it’.*

I registered today, one year back, but i still remember i started it after two months, and it was because I use to think that, I am not that good and what if people don’t like my writings and all stuffs, and this took me over two months, and then I started it and I was surprised with so much love and attention.

I just wanna say one thing, writing makes my Heart feel burden free and I will love to do anything to keep my Heart healthy, because all I need are those 72 beats per minute, and it makes me happy at the end of the day.

I wanna say onething more, I just love your comments over my posts it inspires me alot to write and even your emails makes me smile.

And a piece of advice for you all (Hope you all would be with me here, I would have offered a piece of cake😻), and the advice is – Do what makes you happy because it’s your LIFE , and don’t kill what your Hearts want because you will be left with regrets in your *budhapa*.

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I love you to all my readers,you all are awesome.😻💜




All you need to do is to follow your passion, and everything will be fine. I think this can be an unhelpful and even cruel suggestion at times. because lot of people don’t know exactly what their passion is or they may have multiple passions or they may be going through a midlife change of passion, your suggestion might makes them blocked and insecure.

If you don’t have a clear passion and somebody blithely tells you to go follow your passion, I think you have the right to give that person the middle finger.

So how do you find the inspiration to work when your passion has flagged? This is where curiosity makes an entry.



What will you choose for a healthy life?




Can we just breathe?😼 .

Hey it’s me, I am not strong as you are, I need to be like other strong women’s in this society, I am trying but I am failing. You know what, I have started hating my things, I am not comfortable in my body, I hate wearing fit clothes because people stare me when I go out and it makes me uncomfortable, I am not comfortable in wearing short dresses, even though I love it, because when I wear, it seems like people eye’s are scanning my skirt. I am not comfortable with any boy, I fear what if I fell I love with a wrong guy, what if he brokes my Heart and keep it aside. I am uncomfortable with a physical relation,what if he left? Will society, will any other guy will accept me? I fear making mistakes, what if people judge me over that. I fear living in this world, Where on other side you just wanna live your life to fullest, I am here, totally confused with my LIFE. Am I here to live? Or I am here to Satisfy you? No one cares about my soul, no one cares about my Heart, no one cares about my internal beauty, as if I am here just to please you with my external beauty. . I am pissed off with this life and with you all judging me over stupid things. As a human, I hate you, because you all never gave me a reason to love you. – a girl (one among you all, still hunting for existence)




Onward ever, backward never.

(Read the caption, when I say read it that means, you won’t be disappointed).



This is unequivocal evidence that the world is a place of deep unfairness.

But I don’t see it this way, and you have to choose the way you wanna see it, I can’t force you I can just say , you must never surrender that no doesn’t always mean no , and that miraculous turns of fate can happen to those who persist in showing up.

The ones who stand at the gates of our dreams are not automatons, they are just people. Just like us,they are whimsical and quirky.


Play the odds put yourself forward in stubborn good cheer, and then do it again and gain and again…

You try and try and try and nothing works. But you keep trying and you keep seeking and then sometimes in the least expected place and time, it finally happens.

So you must keep trying, you must keep calling out in those dark woods for your own magic.You must search tirelessly, and faithfully, hoping against hope to someday experience that divine collision of creative communion.
Because when it all comes together, its amazing.

Believe me.




People dont finish.

They begin ambitious projects with the best of intentions, but then they get stuck in a more of insecurity and doubt and they stop.
You may want your work to be perfect but I want mine to be finished.




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I am telling you in my school days,

I was not part of something like this, but I use to see such things happening around and would think,

In a world of billions am I only uncool and weird?

that no one wants to be beside me except few.

Now I understood after many years that, I am weird but pretty and so are you, if you are reading this and you are insecure about not getting attention because you think you are not enough pretty and cool,

Dude, you are different, and yes you are pretty, just believe in Yourself.

Its a trend of choosing cool people around us.

Seriously does it matter?

Everyone is different.

And yes if you are surrounded by variety of people than it can give more flavour to life, instead of a cool life, you will have a mixture of many things, to adore.
So the choice is yours.