We see a person changing, and we judge them over that, we never realise that may be the change was needed in his life, may be there’s something which changed him.

We too have a story, we better know what changed us, why changed us, but when it comes to others we are free to judge and raise fingers only because we never see this world as one, we think that we are the one only who is suffering rest are happy.

But everyone has a story,

And something has changed them.💓 




R u perfect? Or me? Or the person just besides you? Or me?

No, no one is perfect.

Human’s are born with imperfections, which makes them more special.💓

Don’t leave anyone only because he/she is not that good, this affects them badly, rest of the life,

They keep on thinking why god didn’t made me better? Why I am not like others? Why I exist?😑
It doesn’t make sense, love is by heart, don’t make it a exam with more of eligibility criterias.

Love happens, choosing a person is not love, changing a person is not love.
Remember this always.💓😻




Everytime, when we see this world, we look on its flaws, its not our mistake because, today whatever you look at, is either negative or so negative.

We all need positivity around,so its our time to make some change and bring positive vibes in this world, because it is needed badly.❤

So you just have to do one thing,

Imagine how this world would be when there would be no hatred only love, when there would be no rape’s, only respect for women, and when there would be no violence only peace, doing this might provoke you or divert you toward making this world better place to live.❤

विचार करें।💓💫 


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Charisma- ability to attract, influence and inspiring people.😻❤ _______________

Many people around us, has suffer to such a great extent that, now they don’t even bother to share it with someone or they hesitate because people now a days even make fun of our mistakes or our suffering, which is worst thing doing as a human, A famous saying says,

“इंसान ही इंसान को समझ सकता।”

But now anyone don’t take this so seriously, because humanity is the least important thing today.😾👎

That’s not good. विचार करें। . . .




God never wanted you to act like CM security, securing every single thing related to your life, sometimes you actually need it, but its human nature, we apply it many times.👅

So your dream and your things which you want to do will always be buried inside you.👎

Just open the door for every single opportunity, don’t feel like this might doesn’t work, or you might fail,

I understand safety is important, but life and your dreams are far more important.

विचार करें।😻💓




Born as a girl, Was not so easy, Getting a dusky complexion, Made me feel more uneasy.

Loving yourself, is a true line, But your criteria for a pretty face, Not fits with mine.

I looked in mirror, and saw my face, i didn’t found anything to hate.

I went out for a blind date, He laughed and left.

I went for a marriage ritual, wearing a white gown, No one said, You are a pretty girl in town.

I started thinking of tearing that brown flesh, and covering it with a white page.

Sooner, I realised In my hunt for a fair complexion, I forgot one thing, You cant change what you get, You have to accept it with full faith.

God shape everyone different, Your work is to make some difference.


Imagine a white world,

Is that sufficient to make this world look beautiful?👅

Dont see this world as black and white.😸

Everyone is beautiful with little bit of perfection and tons of imperfections.❤


I will love to share my experience over such thing,

I am brown👸, and I use to feel that, I look ugly, but later I realised, *thoughts in my mind were more ugly.*😾

The problem is people around us, who make every single thing complicated in our life.😑

People around us are like – You have a nice facecut, You would have looked pretty, If you would be white, instead of brown. Apply ‘besan lapes’, beauty products in market, which will make you look brightened.👎

And the worst part is you keep following them.

Actually you are responsible, because if you would have been comfortable in your skin colour, then no one would get chance to insult or demotivate you over such stupid things. You are beautiful. TRUST ME.🌼




Loving him was a special feeling, I can’t express.🌼

But hating him,

My Heart expressed, By closing itself in a cage.😑

It hasn’t stop beating, It just stop loving.


What you expect from me? I know you want my pain to heal, And broken pieces of heart to stick.

I am doing that, Somewhat I have healed it, But don’t expect my Heart to beat once again for a person, because it healed, only on a condition of loving myself, only me will be my priority now.

And by that time,till now, it has healed properly but it doesn’t came out of that cage, because still a fear,

a fear of falling in love again with a guy, what if he too brokes my Heart and keep it aside.

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We wear short dresses, you find it a problem.We wear saree with a backless blouse, you find it a problem, You think we are provoking you, Allowing you to stare or touch.

But you forget one thing. Even you are blessed with so many women’s who are yours. God has given you a beautiful mother / sister / wife / Daughter, Think once, When you stare a girl or try touching her in crowd. _____________

Because somewhere someone is doing the same thing with your women.😑

You should understand naa?

We are human too.

Dont make us feel everyday like, We have to hide everything,

It feels so bad,😕 When we go out and someone stares, Like yes it happens sometimes, Our bra stripes must be visible to you, Sometimes we wear such tops, that make it visible, But you cant think like, its for getting your attention.😼 Its just that it happens.


Imagine you coming out in a boxer, and we staring you, Continuosly, You wont feel macho, You will definitely feel, Whats wrong with my boxer?👅

Sometimes even we feel like, Covering our whole body with clothes as much as possible that, even our skin is not visible. Preventing your eyes, Scanning us from inside.

Let us breathe. Don’t make us feel uncomfortable atleast.❤

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Hey! I can’t be you, even you ,even you, or anyone else. Just because you are living a beautiful life, doesn’t mean, I will become like you for enjoying the same taste of a beautiful life because may be definition of a beautiful life, is different from my view. I just want to live my life, I want to do, what my Heart wants to do, not what people expect me doing, because again I am saying,

If I be like you, then why god wasted his time making ME.

Yeah, I want to arrange flowers in my Garden, I want to collect stones and paint it with different colours, I want to draw, I want to travel, I want to write, is it important to follow what others are following?


-afreesoul (this is so me, I am trying being myself)