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Sometimes life is so hard that even sleep looks like a demon favouring all your scars, you run away from it, it chases you and you give up because it’s all you have, it’s like a guilty pleasure even if it’s wrong you want to have it because it looks like morphine- a sedative. There… Continue reading I CHOSE TO LIVE NOTE.

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Showering Happiness❤️| Eradicating Hunger| Beingshe❤️

Sometimes We Feel Like, What To Do? To make our life Worth Living.  Adventure? Partying? Well, it depends What Your Heart Exactly wants?  Talking about me, I remember From Childhood only, I find happiness in Helping the one's Who Need.❤️Well it's completely about me, and It's not that people think my way with Few Exceptions.… Continue reading Showering Happiness❤️| Eradicating Hunger| Beingshe❤️